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Overview in English

High above the backend of the Rhine river, at the entrance to the Viamala-Schlucht (Viamala canyon), the impressive castle “Hohen Rätien” is throning at a steep rock of approximately 200 meters height. The castle “Hohen Rätien” convinces by its spectacular location at 946 meters above sea level. Also, it is the biggest castle in the area of Graubünden and the oldest castle of Switzerland at the same time.

From the historical and architectoral point of view, the castle “Hohen Rätien“ is a mysterical unicum, because traces of different time eras, even dating back into the Bronze Age, could be retrieved.

Also, Roman relicts could be exhumed at various locations of the area.

During a walk across the castle’s terrain, various buildings could be discovered: clearly visible the area is towered by the three story admininstrational and living tower “Hoch Rialt” dating back to the 12th Century. In the neighbourhood of this building there are the church of St. Johann, the “Pfaffenturm” (priest’s tower) and the fortified tower as well as the “Baptisterium”, which can be visited.

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